Frontend Developer

We are seeking an experienced frontend developer who have the ambition to work in our fast pacing, dynamic environment.

Natro, Turkey’s leading hosting company, is a part of family, a leading digital enabler for companies and entrepreneurs serving over 2 million customers in Europe with more than 1,000 experts to support them. Founded in 1999. Natro provides comprehensive product range such as Domain, web hosting, virtual & dedicated servers, trade mark services, SSL, and PCI DSS security solutions to more than 200.000 customers. Natro manages over 500.000 domains, hosts over 300.000 websites, and 2.000 dedicated servers.

Throughout its 23 years of experience in the market, Natro has become a reference in technology and innovation with a focus on speed, simplicity and customer centricity. Natro is also leading market’s technological advancements, while providing customers with complete and integrated solutions. 

We are seeking an experienced network engineer who have the ambition to work in our fast pacing, dynamic environment.


·       Graduated  from related departments of the university,

·       At least 3 years of experience in frontend development

·       Having industry experience

·       Good working knowledge and proficiency with web, mobile, desktop interface coding principles

·       By developing mobile priority, gained experience in responsive and adaptive design.

·       Experienced in modern javascript frameworks (preferably react) implementations and solving performance problems.

·       Interested and experienced in State Management, Component-Based Architecture Design and Functional Programming paradigms.

·       Knowing the product development and enjoying working in the analysis and testing processes of the product.

·       Experience in using Version Control such as TFS and GIT and can take advantage of it for secure integration.

·       Prioritizing testability, accessibility and security while developing. Write tests using JEST, React-Testing-Library or Enzyme

·       Mastering HTML, CSS (SASS, LESS vb.), AJAX, Bootstrap, Javascript, Jquery technologies

·       Aware of Cross-Browser compatibility issues and able to develop accordingly.

·       Knows about UX patterns, follows world UI trends and applies them in design/implementation.

·       Can use Photoshop at basic level,

·       Good level of English.

·       Highly motivated and team player

·       Will be able to present examples of original works before/during the interview.



·       Ensuring the development and maintenance of desktop and mobile web sites of Natro.

·       Creating a reusable, scalable and sustainable code structure.

·       Regular monitoring of the performance metrics of the site and pages.

·       Keeping SEO compatible with Pagespeed, Gtmetrix tools up to date.

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Eğitim & Kültür

Natro'da eğitim, çalışanların şirkete hızlı adapte olmaları amacıyla oryantasyon programı ile başlar, teknik ve kişisel becerileri geliştirme eğitimleri ile devam eder. Ayrıca çalışanların ihtiyaçlarına yönelik farklı eğitimler için alanında deneyimli ve öncü eğitim kurumları ile işbirliği yapar.

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